Our Team

Meet the people who are making things happen and providing you with great insights.

Vivienne "Raven" Koh

User Experience Consultant
Project Manager

Better known as Raven or Vi, she’s the mastermind and head of Creatives in Cafiend. A fan of all manners of tech toys, she’s the go-to if you are keen to explore new technologies.

Jules Yim

Management Consultant
Project Manager

She’s the one incharge of budgets, expenditures, taxes… all the stuff to do with the dollars really. She’s also our inhouse wordsmith. Don’t annoy her – this tiger bites.

Nickole Li

Management Consultant
Workflow Design

Best known for systems design and being a generally lawful character, Nickole tends to do some writing and photography on EveryThink Else when the inspiration hits. Likes weaponry and fountain pens a wee bit too much. Also rumored to be exceedingly floofy.

Tegan Smith

Visual Arts & Graphic Design

Our resident bunny. She can be bribed to help with any job with marshmallows, and is great with kids to boot! She’s a jolly good secretary for the more absent-minded of us as well.

Nicole Jensen

Social Media Strategist

She’s known for her quick wit and friendly disposition, and she does amazing work running Social Media Campaigns for a number of organisations. She’s the one you want to take your online presence to the next level.

Andrew Watt

Cameraman Extraodinaire

He’s lean, he’s mean (actually he’s not) and he’s the Drummer for Neon Tiger. And an extraodinary camera guy. He’s a big fan of Helvetica, coffees, and good whisky.


Theodore Crawford


When he can figure out how to get his computer to stop bullying him, Theo is an aspiring electronic musician known as Twitch13. Otherwise, he’s messing around with animation tools, insisting he is most definitely a 3D animator.

Our Partners

Meet some of our long-term collaborators – 

A Virtual Reality Company based in sunny Singapore specialising in bespoked applications and experiences, IgniteVR is also very involved in community building and have organized meetups, demo sessions, hackathons and more to introduce VR to Singapore and nearby regions.

FloofCorp seeks to disrupt the entertainment industry by sending out the darndest uncanny things that none would expect, yet stay true to the core of ordered chaos in true ridiculously floofy fashion, to an end that nobody can comprehend yet will manage to make perfect sense in the end.

Overstellar is a Stockholm-based outfit specialising in
Web-Development and Application Prototyping. With more than a decade of experience in Application Development and packing 3 Hackathon Awards, they are more than equipped to help bring your ideas to life.

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